Complete the Personal Time Survey to define your studying hours.

7. Questions for discussion:

1) Do you think your studying hours the survey shows are enough for you as a student?

2) Do you reckon, you spent your studying time efficiently?

3) Would you like to get more hours of studying for yourself?

4) Do you believe such kinds of surveys be useful in time managing?

Prepared by the Self-Development Centre, a Service of the Counselling and Student Development Centre, George Mason Universit

Lesson 5


If we look up the word "management" in Longman Dic­tionary of Contemporary English, we will read the following definition: the act or skill of dealing with a situation that needs to be controlled in some way. It's very important to be able to control stress, to manage our own time, to find peaceful solutions to problems in conflict situations. This chapter will tell you what actually stress is, how to cope with it and make profit of it.